Weddings at Eastern Hills

Congratulations on your decision to be married! On behalf of the church family here at Eastern Hills Church, we rejoice with you. It is an honor to serve you as you begin this wonderful journey.

Marriage is a very significant time in the life of a man and woman. We are deeply committed to Christian marriages and we desire to assist couples to be as prepared as possible. Before a pastor at Eastern Hills Church will agree to perform your wedding, three months of regular attendance at a weekend service is required of you, except in unusual circumstances.

Weddings are held in the Worship Center unless other arrangements are made. (Please note: the latest starting time for a Saturday wedding is 1:00pm.)

To secure Eastern Hills Church as your wedding location, please contact the church office at (716) 688-7165 to see if the church is available for the rehearsal and wedding date of your choice.

Photo by Brown Buffalo Photography