Caring Network

There are seasons in life when you do not want to walk alone, times when you need a shoulder to lean on. At Eastern Hills, our Care Ministers are available to pray for your needs, encourage and share HOPE in CHRIST. We can also guide you to available resources. Care Ministers are equipped through training and group supervision.

24-hour prayer hotline: (716) 432-2941

Care Groups

You don't have to walk through life's difficult places alone. Our Care Groups are here to address the needs of various life challenges and include:

Spiritual Counseling

Our Senior Ministry staff is available to guide you in spiritual truth by exploring biblical direction regarding your challenges. Together we have faced depression, illness, grief, divorce, job loss, abuse, neglect and behavioral/boundary issues. If more complex issues arise, we are happy to assist in connecting you to professionals to further help in healing.

Hospital and Nursing Home Visitation

Our Caring Network Pastor along with our other Care Ministers are available to visit and pray with you, or a loved one, while hospitalized or during short/long term nursing or rehabilitation care.

Ministry to our Seniors

Longevity is a blessing from God. We honor our seniors by providing through a network of Care Ministers and a broad variety of supports such as cards, visits, calls, rides, meals and much more. We happily partner with Hearts & Hands.

Touch Meals Ministry

This ministry assists by providing a meal or two while you are unable to provide for yourself during illness, recovery or other extenuating circumstances.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Shawls are lovingly made and given to provide comfort and encouragement; a tangible example of God's love and care during bereavement, illness and other difficult times.

Freed-Up Financial Living

Freed-up from Debt, Freed-up after 65, Freed-up Kids, Freed-up to live a God-honoring financial lifestyle. We are privileged to provide training, resources, and coaches to assist you in living the Freed-Up lifestyle to honor God and bless you! View our upcoming classes...

Marriage Ministry

We understand the difficulties of life and the pressure it puts on relationships. Our purpose is to encourage, pray and give you tools to help you make the best choices possible for your marriage - to teach and to heal. This happens through small groups, events and mentoring. Learn more about our Marriage Ministry or get information about having your wedding at Eastern Hills.

Funeral Planning

Eastern Hills mourns with you as you walk through your journey of grief. It is an honor for the church to be with you and your family as you walk the grief journey. Whether a regular attender or not, we are here to provide a funeral service (either in our church or another location) for your loved one. Our caring Pastoral Staff will sit down with your family to create personalized memories of your loved one.