Prayer Ministry

Our prayer ministry at Eastern Hills Church exists to engage people in experiencing, understanding, and practicing prayer. We seek to make prayer such an integral part of who we are and what we do at this church. We do this because we know that any time God worked in amazing ways throughout history, people were praying. We desire God to work in a great way in our lives, in our church, and around the world.


Weekly Prayer Meeting

Every Thursday at 7pm in Greenfield Theatre. In order to give opportunity for more people to join us for our weekly prayer meeting, we are moving from 6pm on Thursday evenings to 7pm on Thursday evenings, starting March 29. That is the Thursday evening before Easter. Our praying that night is to praise the Lord for what He has done for us through the sacrifice of Jesus and ask for a great outpouring of His Spirit in bringing many people to salvation over that weekend. I believe that the more we pray, the more the Lord is going to do in and through this ministry.

Pastor Pat's Prayer Partners

Prayer is the key to effective ministry at Eastern Hills Church. If you are interested in joining Pastor Pat’s Prayer Partners, please contact Dawn Waggoner in the Church Office.

The Upper Room

The Upper Room is intended to be a sacred place of prayer. This area, located on the second floor balcony, was born out of time of prayer and we sought God through the process for what it should look like. We have attempted to make every aspect of the Upper Room point to God. We have also attempted to make each area in it point to a particular aspect of prayer. Learn more...

The Prayer Path

Located on the North side of the rear parking lot, the Prayer Path is a quiet place tucked away for reflection and prayer. Look for the entrance near the wooden gazebo.

Request Prayer

Have a prayer request? You can easily share it with us online and know each request will be lifted up by a team of dedicated prayer warriors.

OR call our 24 Hour Prayer Hotline: (716) 432-2941.


If you have any questions about prayer please call the church office at 688-7165 or email Justin Jones at