Church Wide Small Group Study 2018

Do you feel stuck in life? 

Apathy, a lack of passion for the most important things in life, is one of the defining attitudes of our time. Whether because of distraction, disappointment, or or delay it is easy to start living life on autopilot. We run the rat race and continue to function out of obligation instead of passion.

We can do this for a season and look normal. We can fake the emotions and make sure that our actions do not betray the fact we are stuck. But there comes a point where we are running on empty and we can no longer hide the fact we are broken. Something needs to change, but we do not know what to do next.

Maybe your life need a REBOOT...


In this book, Justin uses the illustration of a computer and its systems to examine the inner workings of apathy in our lives and how to deal with it. The biblical book of 2 Peter will function as a guide as he examines the apostle Peter's encouragements to the Christians of his day to leave behind apathy and become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Whether you are just exploring how to follow Jesus or have been a Christian for decades, you will discover helpful tools in this book to deal with apathy at the source and walk forward in passion.


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