Practice A New Spiritual Discipline


We define spiritual formation as “the process by which all of a person (heart, soul, mind, and strength) is transformed into all of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit through  consistent and intentional openness to the work of God in the practice of spiritual disciplines.”  


SO, we believe that our main goal is to be CONSISTENTLY and INTENTIONALLY open to God through SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES.


Spiritual disciplines are particular practices that, when done every day and with an intentional mindset, can be used by God to transform us to look more like Him.  


Here are some of the examples of spiritual disciplines that you could practice this summer to look more like God:

BIBLE - Take time to read and study the Word of God.

PRAY - Set aside times to speak and listen to God.

JOURNAL - Write down things you see God doing around you.

SILENCE - Spend some time sitting in the quiet listening to Him.

SOLITUDE - Spend a day alone focusing on what it means to be away from others and alone with God.

FASTING - Deprive yourself of something for a time in order to spend time being filled up by God. 

WORSHIP - Spend time directing your mind and heart to the Lord through song or action.



Basically, any exercise that intentionally directs your heart and mind toward to the Lord can be a spiritual discipline.  


If you would like more direction on how to practice spiritual disciplines, please contact one of our pastors at (716) 688-7165.