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In addition to our own church's participation in packing and donating, Eastern Hills Church is a collection center for our community. Click the image below for this year's collection details and Covid procedures.

join us

in person or live online

We welcome you, whether you know nothing about the Bible, God or the church, or whether you've been involved with church and following the Lord for many, many years.

It's about taking the journey together and helping each other along the way. God never intended for us to take the journey of life alone; He wants us to do it with Him and with each other.

So we invite you to join us and give us the privilege of doing life with you!

Engaging Every Person to Become a Passionate and Transformed Follower of Jesus Christ.

The Word of God is priority here because it is the foundation and source of life. Relationships are also an intricate and life-giving part of this church family, whether through relating to one another during events and activities or connecting with God through worship and prayer. These are things that make our church alive and strong.