Colson fellows

Go beyond the ordinary. Be radically Christian.

You believe in Jesus, but your everyday existence doesn’t look all that different from the way your non-Christian neighbors live, and you wonder if your life even matters. Colson Fellows are a diverse community of discerning Christ-followers who know that feeling. Most of our lives may look ordinary, but as C.S. Lewis reminds us, “there are no ordinary people.” Not when we are each made in God’s Image for an eternal destiny and called to live an earthly mission that reveals His Kingdom. Join us for a ten-month exploration of the Christian worldview and enter a dynamic and lifelong fellowship of believers committed to living courageously and faithfully—in the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of these times.


Registration for the 2022-23 academic year is now open to the general public in WNY under the Eastern Hills Church Affiliate.

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Colson Fellows from across the globe complete a rigorous course of study that begins each July and concludes with their commissioning in May of the following year. In this ten month program, candidates follow a daily curriculum that is carefully curated and updated each year, read 12-14 books, and attend two live webinars each month with leading Christian thinkers in which they are able to engage in a lively, free-flowing exchange of ideas.

For more information about Colson Fellows at Eastern Hills Church, please contact Nancy Carmichael at