Student Ministries

Middle School (6th–8th grades)

Middle School happens on Sunday mornings at 9am (10am during the summer).

Middle school students  gather to explore their relationship with Christ and others. We facilitate this through large group music and teaching, followed by small groups to discuss what students just heard. We throw some crazy games in the mix as well; just to keep it exciting!

High School

High School happens on Sundays at 6:30pm.

We’ve created a large group environment that attracts students just like you. After all, we figure you want to be wherever your friends are. We make this time as fun and relevant as we possibly can, while creating a space to explore our faith together.

But we go a couple steps further and do two things we believe are vitally important for you: we pay attention to what’s going on in your life, and we care about you. This happens in our small group environment. Every week after large group, you will get together with your small group to spend time in a more intimate setting, talking, processing, and praying about what’s going on in your lives. We think circles are better than rows when it comes to building our faith!

It’s simple: big group to small group. The goal is for you to leave feeling energized to go out there and tackle another week!