Our Staff

  • Joni Canastraro

    Print Media Designer

    Print Media Designer | jcanastraro@ehwc.org  

  • amy Dawson

    Student Ministries assistant

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  • mat Dawson

    Director of Student Ministries

    Director Student Ministries | mdawson@ehwc.org

  • Carey Dugan

    ministry assistant next gen

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  • Alan Dusel

    Audio Coordinator

    Audio Ministry Coordinator | adusel@ehwc.org  

  • Mike Dwyer

    Executive Pastor, Director of men, congregational care

    Executive Pastor and Director Men's Ministry | mdwyer@ehwc.org

  • Bill Eicher

    Facility Maintenance

    Facility Maintenance Personnel | mgriffin@ehwc.org  

  • Peggy Farrington

    Office Manager

    Administrative Assistant

    Office Manager/Administrative Assistant | pfarrington@ehwc.org  

  • Deanna Gworek

    Ministry Assistant Global Missions

    Ministry Assistant Global Missions | dgworek@ehwc.org  

  • Betsy Hendricks

    Assistant Director Early childhood

    Next Gen Early Childhood Assistant Director | bhendricks@ehwc.org  

  • Anieta Hopper

    Finance Manager

    Finance Director | ahopper@ehwc.org

  • Justin Jones

    Director of Spiritual Formation,

    strategic development

    Director Spiritual Formation, Singles, and Prayer Ministries | jjones@ehwc.org

  • Patrick Jones

    Lead Pastor

    Lead Pastor | pjones@ehwc.org

  • Danielle King

    Web Administrator

    Web Administrator | dking@ehwc.org  

  • shawn King

    Online Ministry pastor

    Director College & Young Adults and Spiritual Formation Assistant | sking@ehwc.org

  • Bobby Krahling

    Caring Network and Spiritual Formation Volunteer

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  • Andrea Merrill

    Director Worship Arts

    Ministry Assistant Women’s Ministry | amerrill@ehwc.org  

  • matt mikula

    Facility Maintenance

    Building Maintenance Assistant | mmikula@ehwc.org

  • Corey Nieman

    director of caring network, Ministry Assistant Spiritual


    Ministry Assistant Spiritual Formation and College & Young Adults | cnieman@ehwc.org  

  • Joe Principato

    Video/Tech coordinator

    Audio Assistant

    Video/Lighting Tech and Audio Assistant | jprincipato@ehwc.org

  • Meaghan RAndall

    'Worship Arts Assistant

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  • Robin Schara

    Director Global Missions, Women

    Director Global Missions and Women's Ministry | rschara@ehwc.org

  • Leigh Marie Stegman

    Ministry Assistant Next Gen

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  • Jenine Szymanski


    Next Gen Ministry Assistant | lheath@ehwc.org  

  • Ashley Tom

    Next Gen Assistant

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  • Ashlee Tomaro

    Ministry Assistant Women

    Ministry Assistant Women’s Ministry | atomaro@ehwc.org  

  • Dawn Waggoner

    Executive Assistant

    Executive Assistant | dwaggoner@ehwc.org  

  • laurie warner


    Receptionist | lwarner@ehwc.org  

  • Judi Wheat

    Early Childhood Curriculum

    Early Childhood Curriculum | jwheat@ehwc.org  

  • Scott wilson

    Facility Manager

    Facility Manager | swilson@ehwc.org  

  • Suk May Yei

    Pastor Cross-Cultural ministries

    Pastor of Cross-cultural Ministries | syei@ehwc.org  

  • Donna Zangara

    Director Next Gen

    and Eastern hills Preschool

    Director Next Gen and EH Preschool | dzangara@ehwc.org  



  • Pastor Pat B. Jones Chair

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  • Bob Arnold
    Vice-Chair ‘23

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  • Mark DeFazio

    Member-at-large ‘22

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  • Julie Fischione

    Member-at-large ‘22

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  • Doris Griffin

    Secretary ‘23

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  • JoAnn Kelsch

    Member-at-large '21

    Type content here...

  • Rubins Noel
    Member-at-large ‘21

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  • Eric Stellrecht

    Trustee ‘22

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  • Gary Stith
    Trustee ‘23

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  • Rick Ulrich
    Head Trustee ‘21

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