Summer of one Won

In 2017, we joined together for one unified Sunday morning service each week in July and August. We called it the Summer of One. This year, we're doing it again, but with a little bit a change - it's the Summer of One Won! 

Beginning July 1st, 2018 we will again meet for ONE Sunday service together at 10am

Win Friends. Win Battles. Win Opportunities.

Tell Us about Your Summer Party!

This year, as we are looking to “win more friends” we are encouraging you to have a “summer party.” Basically, a summer party is an intentional, fun time dedicated to winning new friends from the church and in the community. This could be anything from a bike ride, a cookout, attending a festival, etc. The difference is that by hosting a summer party you are committing to intentionally making that time about winning new friends. For instance, you might have wanted to get to know your neighbors better for a long time, but never done anything intentional to reach out.

As a church, we want to help by resourcing those of you who want to have a summer party and also advertising your summer party (if you choose) in order to let other people know about it. Even if you choose not to want us to advertise, we would love to know so that we can be praying for you!


Please fill out a form below to tell us about your party!