Multiplication of resources

To see this movement go forward, we need to begin with what we have. God has blessed us with an amazing and useful tool in our facility. To position ourselves for God to provide a sustainable movement, He has placed a desire in our hearts for financial freedom and creative use of our facility for His kingdom. 

Financial freedom will be achieved by acting on a plan to eliminate all debt over the next five years. This will free significant monthly resources to be used for investment in our community and beyond and the funding of the rest of the vision.

Facility utilization will be achieved increasingly through creative approaches, especially through our Caring Network. Partnering with others through the use of our space combined with the starting up of additional programs that meet the needs around us, we will maximize the number of people engaged to become passionate followers of Christ. 

financial freedom campaign

We believe that God is calling our church to become a Spirit-empowered movement through Kingdom multiplication. This can only happen when we become financially free of the debt we have carried for many years.

While some of the individual goals of this vision and aspects of others can be achieved without financial investment, resources are going to be needed for some of the major goals. Therefore, it is important we get to the point of financial freedom as quickly as possible. It is our belief that we can see the Lord achieve this goal through us over the next three years.

To learn more about the campaign, download our Financial Freedom brochure (click here).